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Smart Key Duplication & Programming

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All cars manufactured since the late nineties have smart keys. They are technically known as transponder keys. All such keys have a remote function that connects with the chip in the car. The transponder keys help in locking and unlocking the doors, they facilitate ignition and also remotely open the boot of the car. Smart keys are not confined to automobiles made over the last twenty years. Smart keys are also used for homes, offices and commercial properties.

Smart Key Duplication & Programming

We specialize in smart key duplication and programming

Homeowners have remote access to their garage doors and they have smart keys for that. Commercial property owners have smart keys for the main gates, their offices and special locks among other fixtures. Any automation system that has a locking feature can have smart keys. Like all keys, smart keys can get lost, they may get damaged and there can be other unobvious issues from time to time. We specialize in smart key duplication and programming in Williamsburg, NY, and we can attend to your needs whenever you want.

We can attend to all smart keys brands

Our specialization in smart key duplication and programming in Williamsburg, NY, is not confined to specific brands of keys or manufacturers of automobiles and automated systems. We can attend to all popular and even relatively unknown brands of smart keys. We can offer onsite smart key duplication and programming in Williamsburg, NY. That is not just in our offices. We can be at the site where you are or even if you are stuck on the roadside somewhere and we can get the problem remedied then and there. We do not need to get back to our offices or give you a turnaround time for later. We will get the smart key duplicated or reprogrammed or both at the very site where you are.

24/7 service

You may have lost the original key, you may want the key to be duplicated to have a backup, your key may not function due to a malfunctioning chip or there can be any other issue with the key itself and with the transponder chip. We will diagnose the problem, get to the root cause and fix it. We offer smart key duplication and programming in Williamsburg, NY, throughout the day and night. It doesn’t matter when you call us and from where in Williamsburg, we will always respond promptly and get the problem fixed in no time. In all the urgency, we would assure you the quality of the smart key we shall duplicate or reprogram.

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